your child's shot against cancer

Know the Facts about the Vax

You can prevent cancers caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) by getting your child properly vaccinated. This site is intended to give you information that will be helpful in making decisions about HPV vaccinations for your children. The vaccine is safe, readily available, and very effective against many forms of cancer, but you may not have heard about it because it is not required for school attendance. 

The first step is getting informed, and we're here to help.
All childhood vaccines are given to prevent infections. The HPV vaccine also prevents cancer. Don't leave home without it.

Dr. Charles Ball
NWA Pediatrics
I'd much rather see a child get the vaccination now than have to treat them for cervical cancer sometime down the road. It will save everyone a lot of trouble.
Dr. Joey Ivy 
GYN Oncologist, Highlands Oncology
Getting an HPV vaccine is a great chance to beat cancer before it begins. Parents should not miss this opportunity for their child.
Dr. Mark Thomas
VP of Population Medicine, WRMC; Adjunct Instructor in Medicine, UAMS

Schedule a vaccine today! It's your child's best shot against cancer.

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